Website Design


Assigned a roman deputy, I was required to craft a logo for Cupid. From said logo, I then reiterated it into an entire website, focusing on my demographic of millennials. My goal was to take the likeness of Cupid and transform it into a tangible piece of branding.

When designing for Cupid, I made sure to keep it simple and use a structured grid of hearts. This led me into a confident direction of love, branding the site with articulate colours and illustrations. This was to embody the juvenile personality of Cupid into a mature setting.

The colours were specifically chosen to represent the heat of love including various warm colours that contrast greatly together. Illustrations were used to represent the company’s friendly nature while also appealing to the core demographic of young-adults.

The initial challenge of this project was trying to find cohesion and unison. Once I was confidentwith a direction, I ran with it creating an entire brand to follow. The website and logo served agreater purpose as I built it from the ground up from pure HTML and CSS, thus a challengingfeat, but managed to learn a lot from said project.


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