Website Design


The goal of this project was to create a website dedicated to sending millennials and alike to Kyoto, Japan. In order to fulfil the mandate, I challenged the norms of current-day travel agencies, and appropriately target them to a specific person to increase travel to Japan

In order to accommodate my target audience of millennials, I chose a dynamic colour palette to make it both refreshing and trendy without making it obnoxious. Instead of using a saturated red for the Japanese flag, I stuck with a desaturated orange to ensure that contrast was built from compositional skills rather than flashy colours. This also represents the delicate nature of Kyoto.

Illustrations were also used to capture the eyes of my demographic, as nowadays visuals speak louder than words. To make sure I kept my audience engaged, I included a multitude of different characters to participate in Kyoto specific activities. This way, clients can project themselves into the characters rather than looking at another human enjoying the trip.

With both of these solutions combined, I managed to craft a dynamic website that uses both real pictures from Kyoto while combining it with illustrations. It makes it so that people can project onto the characters making it feel like they are the ones enjoying the vacation.


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