Motion Graphics


The mandate for this project was to create a web browser from the ground-up. I was to design both the company’s logo and browser extensions, to which it would then be used in an animated advertisement. It was my goal to find a unified cohesion, hierarchy and structure in all four designs.

My initial challenge was finding a way to unify each symbol, once I managed to find a confident foundation for each icon, I moved on to giving each design life. I needed to ensure that each design was able to not only move around, but worked for its desired requirement. For instance, giving eyes to a ghost.

My Challenge was to then condense the animation within 30 seconds, which required a lot of problem solving. Transforming these icons into something more than what they are was important to me as I designed them to symbolize the company's trustworthiness.

The greatest challenge for me was definitely condensing the animation. I needed to ensure that all information was being said without any being lost or forgotten. This alone allowed me to learn new ways of developing storyboards and animating.


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