Motion Graphics

OP Art

The goal for this project was to create an entire animation based on the likeness of famous painter Guido Molinari. The goal and target of this project was to combine motion and fine art, transforming it into a new and interesting dynamic, reinventing it. The end result had to advertise the event at a designated Museum.

The way I approached this concept was presenting it to the Mac museum. Thus, I used the likeness of Montreal and conveyed Guido’s art to instinctively make an eye-catching advertisement to appeal to a new demographic. Thus, I decided to go with a Saturday morning cartoon style; flashy colours and all.

This is to emphasize the liveliness of Guido’s art, and his use of lines. This is to contrast with the “lines” we use in Montreal. I used to round characters to represent the STM, as the ad would theoretically be playing there. Using a strict grid,I managed to create an entire world to represent Guido’s Art.

My challenge was creating each illustration and animating them in a condensed format. The biggest difficulty was incorporating a story in such little time.


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