Application Design


The direction of this project was to design a coffee-table art book for artist Kehinde Wiley. Kehinde Wiley is an amazing painter from New York who utilizes beautiful textile and patterns in his paintings. It was my goal as a designer to not only design, but to adapt my initial book layout to work on digital devices. This application had to not only function, but feel ergonomic in one's hand.

My challenge was to not only design the initial layout of the book, but to find cohesion in the application. The application had to not only be informational, but include the same amount of information of the layout. It was my job to redesign the initial book layout into a format that was comfortable to read, while also containing a proper emphasis on Wiley’s art. This required a lot of design thinking in order to ensure there was a proper amount of design, information and Wiley’s flare. Once I figured out the design of the application, it was my job to animate it. Animating had to not only be ergonomic to the average hand, but to be fluent as to parallel with Wiley’s work. I decided the only way for this to work was to use crisp yet flowy animation to ensure that the user experience was not being hindered in any way.

The outcome was great, and most importantly, I learned a lot from the project. By studying a multitude of tablet applications and websites, I found the cohesion between both the ergonomics of a screen tablet to its design helped better my knowledge when working with applications. Another thing I learned was how to transition a physical book to its digital form.


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